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The Irish Echo is proud to present the

17th annual Irish Top 40 Under 40 Awards

which will take place on Friday, February 23, 2024

This hugely popular event is a celebration of Irish and Irish Americans who have distinguished themselves in their respective fields of work before reaching the age of forty.

We will be honoring the up and coming personalities of Irish America from every walk of life, and from every part of the nation.

Our Top 40 Under 40 will spotlight the up-and-coming leaders of Irish America from around the nation who work in a variety of fields and occupations.

What we look for in a nominee: We welcome detailed nominations which will be assessed across five themes:

Innovation: Is the nominee involved in activity which is breaking new ground in their sector or for Irish America?

Community: Is the nominee involved in activity which builds the community in his/her region or which builds the Irish American community?

Achievement: How successful has the nominee been in his/her field. How successful has the nominee been in the Irish American community?

Passing on the flame: What has the honoree done to preserve and promote Irish history, heritage and tradition in sport, music, song, theatre, arts, literature etc?

Networking and Partnering: What has the nominee done to win allies for his/her work/cause/endeavor? Is the nominee a leader of any Irish American organizations or networks? Has the nominee established any Irish American initiatives or networks? Similarly, has the nominee demonstrated an ability to work with others in his/her field.

NOMINATE HERE - nominations close Dec. 1, 2023