Nynb 3 world trade center
HEAD IN THE CLOUDS: At the last in-person New York-New Belfast conference, delegates visited the studio of Belfast artist Marcus Robinson on 46th floor of 3 World Trade Center. belfsatmedia.com

It's the New York-New Belfast summit, Jim, but not as we know it!

The good news for fans of U.S.-Ireland connections — the annual New York-New Belfast extravaganza is making a comeback as an in-person event.

The bad news - the entire Belfast delegation is grounded as international travel into the U.S. has not yet been greenlighted.

It will, therefore, to paraphrase Scotty of Star Trek fame, New York-New Belfast but not as we know it.

Nevertheless, this the eleventh gathering of leaders from both cities will see Friends of Belfast in the Big Apple come together on 1 October in the Manhattan Club on W 52n Street for a busy morning of debate, discussion and presentations on the vital work of rebuilding transatlantic connections. Their Belfast counterparts will be brought in virtually from the head offices in Belfast of KPMG, premier business partners of the event since it was founded in 2011. 

Highlight of the day will be our Ireland-US Ambassador luncheon where we will six standout business and community champions will be recognised:

Tiana Sloan, Director Veterans’ Success Programs, Manhattan College, New York
Eilinor Tatum, Publisher Amsterdam News, New York
Elaine Brennan, Vice President International, Northwell Holdings and Ventures, New York
Maura Kelly, Principal, Purple Mountain Media & Senior Advisor, LEAP New York
Gavan Corr, Co-Founder Qarik, New York
Giancarlo Di Vece, CEO Unosquare, Guadalajara, Mexico 

The entire conference, which opens with a virtual evening focusing on the arts on Thursday evening 30 September, will be streamed online. To see the full exciting programme and to purchase tickets, visit the conference website.