2024 Heroes of Irish America Awards

Molly Bakewell Chamberlin

Molly Bakewell Chamberlin

Place of birth: Buffalo, New York.

What is your profession? I am the Founder and President of Embassy Global, LLC. Embassy Global is an all-virtual worldwide strategic technical marketing, PR, and business development consultancy serving the B2B high-tech components manufacturing and engineering communities. We are a 100% woman-owned and woman-led small business. And we are celebrating our 15th anniversary this year!

How do you celebrate your Irishness? I celebrate my Irishness by keeping traditions alive. For example, each year for St. Patrick's Day, I make several dozen loaves of Irish soda bread from the family recipe and send it to family, friends, and colleagues all over the United States. It's a much-beloved tradition.

I also keep two Irish-American wirefox terriers as family pets. My elder dog, Sue, is from Dundalk. She emigrated to the United States by way of Boston. One of her pups is my second house dog, Fiona. Together, they make quite the lively Irish-American mother-daughter pair!

Name a hero you admire and why? My late Grandmother, Elizabeth McCarville Bakewell, hailed from Clones, Monaghan, Ireland. She has always been one of my biggest heroes and greatest inspirations. In helping to raise me, she wielded a significant influence in my life, and I admired her kindness, generosity of spirit, bravery, and resilience. She emigrated to America in the 1930s with very little money, seeking to forge a better life for herself and future generations. She was an avid gardener, never lost her Irish accent. And, most endearingly, she never lost her love for Ireland.

Something people would be surprised to know about me... It's that if I could have any other dream job than the one I have now, I'd be a gardener. People are also often surprised to learn that, while I am lucky to work with some of the world's best engineering minds and have quite a complex and visible job within my field, I'm actually quite shy by nature.

Biography: Maureen "Molly" Bakewell Chamberlin was born and raised in Buffalo, New York. She holds dual degrees in Marketing and Modern Language (French) from Canisius University and was recently accepted into the Harvard Business Analytics Program.

Molly founded her boutique strategic technical marketing, PR, and management consultancy, Embassy Global, in 2008. The firm exclusively serves the B2B high-tech components manufacturing and engineering communities. Since 2008, and under her leadership, Embassy Global has helped 200+ industry brands to achieve more rapid, stable, and measurable worldwide sales growth.

Molly is also an award-winning technical writer and publicist. Her work has been published more than 1000 times in 57 countries and 13 languages. She also serves on the Board of Trustees for the National Small Business Association in Washington, DC. In 2022, she was honored by NSBA as a finalist for their Small Business Advocate of the Year award. Most recently, in March 2024, Molly was honored as one of the Top 25 Women in Technology by Mission Critical magazine.

Molly is also an active volunteer in the local community. She serves as a Program Ambassador for the New York State Mentoring Program, as well as a pro bono mentor and business coach for startups as part of the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus IC Success Program.

Molly currently resides in Hamburg, New York, with her two pups, Sue and Fiona.

2024 Heroes of Irish America Awards