2022 Big Irish Campfire

Natalie O'Shea - Cara Medalist

Natalie is founder and Executive Director of the Celtic Junction Arts Center of Minnesota, and an active member of Irish Network, and the Midwest and National Irish Cultural Centers of North America (NICCoNA), representing her region nationally and internationally. She is an actor, speaker, and writer/ director of three annual productions with an international resume of theater work.  Natalie has presented with Global MN, the Irish Echo National Campfire, on Irish Stew Podcasts, and founded and hosts a Social Justice Seminar Series.  Natalie has been published in the Harp and Loon Anthology, contributes to MN’s quarterly arts review CJAR; is an Advisory Editor for University of St. Thomas’s New Hibernia Review; and contributes regularly to the Irish Echo and Irish Central.  She won a T.O.S.C.A. award for “Lighting the Way for Celtic Culture.” Under her leadership, Celtic Junction Arts Center won the award for Best Irish Cultural Center with Irish Central in 2018. She was honored in NYC as one of the Irish Echo’s “Arts & Culture Heroes”, and as a “Rebuilder of Irish America” in 2021. She toured the world for three and a half years with Riverdance, The Show where she met her husband Cormac Ó Sé before moving to Dublin. 


Natalie in the News: 

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https://celticjunction.org/outreach/social-justice-seminars/ - CJAC's Social Justice Seminars: This volume The Harp and the Loon Anthology: Natalie O'Shea; Literary Bridges Between Ireland and Minnesota



2022 Big Irish Campfire