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2022 Big Irish Campfire

Michael Morris - Cara Medalist

Michael Morris, International Sales Director

Married and Living in Belfast I am the International Sales Director for Hinch Distillery located in Co Down N Ireland. Educated at Queens University in Belfast and a past pupil of St Marys Christian Brothers Grammar School, I have worked in the drinks business for over 30 years in the beer, wine and now spirit sectors – specifically involved in the dynamic growth of Irish Whisky for the last 20 years. Enjoy travelling the world in search of markets for our Irish Whiskey brand Hinch and our Gin brand The Ninth Wave and despite Covid we are exporting to over 28 countries around the world. Looking forward to the next five years when our own distillery spirit matures into the finest single Malt Whiskey. Outside of work I have a large loving family and enjoy nothing more than getting back on track with our family gatherings that have suffered in the last 18 months. Love Celtic FC and hoping for a much better season this year and high hopes for the new manager and team.

2022 Big Irish Campfire