2022 Big Irish Campfire

Michael Meade - Cara Medalist

Michael Meade is the Group CEO of Sullivan’s Brewing Company. Michael is also the Founder and Co- 

Managing Partner of 1702 Irish Ales Group LLC, a vehicle which was formed to provide Sullivan’s 

Brewing Company with its initial seed capital as well as additional ongoing investment. Recently Michael 

co-founded and is Co-Managing Partner of Foraging Partners LLC, an entity for investing in start-up and 

early-stage companies. Michael spent twenty-five years on Wall Street, the first half of which was in 

Institutional Fixed Income roles across the spectrum of credit products at Deutsche Bank and Morgan 

Stanley, primarily covering central banks, asset managers, public pensions, and state treasury clients. 

Ultimately, Michael held Managing Director positions in Equity Finance at both Morgan Stanley and Citi, 

with his primary focus being on the hedge fund client base. Michael earned his double major in Political 

Science (elected to Pi Sigma Alpha, the National Political Science Honor Society) and Spanish Studies at 

Fordham University in the Bronx. 

2022 Big Irish Campfire