Sean Keating is the current president of The Blackthorn Club. He became a member in 1984. The Blackthorn Club is a limited membership organization. There are only 75 members permitted by our New York State charter. The purpose of the club as stated in our charter is to provide "social intercourse among such members and generally to promote their pleasure and well-being". We are intimately associated with the St. Patrick's Day parade in Buffalo. We have marched every year since 1917.The parade in Buffalo is divided into divisions.  We lead the first division behind the politicians and dignitaries who participate in the parade. We are noted as the best dressed marching group in the parade (in years past the parade committee awarded us this designation). We are strict regarding the required "uniform". Black top hat, black long coat, white shirt, Irish national plaid tie, white scarf, black pants, black shoes, white gloved, Blackthorn stick, and Irish sweater is optional( weather related).

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