Laurence Shine from Kilkenny, Ireland. Retired lecturer.

Raised and educated in various parts of Dublin in De La Salle brothers schools. Attended UCD and Trinity College, where I met an American girl and married her in Christmas 1968 in Atlanta GA. Went to the University of Georgia graduate school in Comparative Literature, whence I left to study in Germany at the University of Cologne. Returned to the USA in 1973 and took on a second doctoral program at the University of Buffalo (best education I ever had). MA from UGA under the name Labhras Seosaimh MacSheain in 1975. Divorced in 1979. Married Barbara Mills in 1992. She died in May 2020 in Buffalo NY, where I currently live. Taught for 40 years at Buffalo State College. Still in mourning.

2023 Arts & Culture Awards