Reports From America's New Front Line

Members of the United States Senate being directed to safety by a police officer standing at the podium as insurrectionist rioters invaded the Capitol Building on Wednesday, January 6. FedNet screen grab photo.

By Ray O'Hanlon

Wars have been fought on American soil and America has fought wars around the world.

But the world has never been more astonished at the sight of a de facto war involving Americans as it was last week when an armed mob stormed the U.S. Capitol as congressional legislators, a majority of them at an rate, worked on confirming Joe Biden as the next President of the United States and Kamala Harris as the next Vice President.

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In the aftermath, the Echo spoke with Congressman Brendan Boyle of Philadelphia who saw a week of special assignments for him turn into a nightmare for American democracy.

Congressman Boyle's account of his workday on Jan. 6, 2021 appears in this week's print/digital edition of the Echo, available from tomorrow, Jan. 13.

Also included in the issue is an eyewitness account of the storming of the Capitol by congressional broadcaster Keith Carney, and a look back to the storming of the Capitol in 1814 by the British.