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Ambassador Mulhall says J1s should head home

March 31, 2020


Ambassador Dan Mulhall. Photo by Marty Katz.


By Irish Echo Staff


The Irish Ambassador to the U.S., Dan Mulhall, has stated that Irish J1 Visa holders in the U.S. should return to Ireland as soon as they can.

In a twitter message, Ambassador Mulhall said the understood any reluctance to leave the U.S. reluctant but that he was acting on the “best advice” of Irish consulates in the U.S.

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His advice applies to holders of the year-long extended form of the popular J1 visa.

“I know how important the J1 experience is, because I was a J1 visa visitor when I was a student, and I really enjoyed and benefited from the experience of living in Kansas City in those days,” Mulhall said.

“I know how reluctant you will be to alter your plans and go back to Ireland. But in the current circumstances our best advice to you is that you should go back to Ireland.

“There are still flights from a number of U.S. cities and, reluctantly, I would suggest to you that you ought to contact your airline to check on flight availability and make your way back to Ireland as soon as possible.”


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