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Hibernians say thanks for McAllister deportation stay

Malachy McAllister


By Irish Echo Staff

Malachy McAllister has been given a last minute reprieve from deportation but faces the same dilemma six month from now – being allowed to continue his American life, or face deportation back to Ireland.

In the meantime however, the Ancient Order of Hibernians, are expressing appreciation to President Trump for the latest stay of deportation for the Belfast native, New Jersey resident, and onetime INLA member.

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McAllister was all set to fly out of Newark Liberty Airport on Tuesday evening, but the Department of Homeland Security, currently headed by Acting Secretary Kevin McAleenan, pulled back from enforcing deportation at close to the last minute.

The lifting of the deportation threat followed a significant and bipartisan political effort on McAllister’s behalf.

Said the AOH in the statement: “This stay would not have been possible without the direct involvement and untiring efforts of Senator Schumer, Senator Graham, Senator Menendez, Rep. Peter King, Rep. Eliot Engel, Rep. Bill Pascrell, Rep. Richie Neal, Rep. Chris Smith, other Senate and House supporters, and his Eminence Cardinal Dolan.

“At a time when there is little common ground in Washington, that so many prominent figures in their respective parties and the Cardinal of the Archdiocese of New York should come together in common cause speaks volumes to the justice of the cause of Malachy McAllister and the inequity of current amnesty legislation.”

The statement continued: “The Hibernians earnest and heartfelt gratitude are tempered by the realization that this is a six-month reprieve and not a permanent resolution for the McAllister Family. “For 23 years, Malachy McAllister has done nothing but positively contribute to the American community, including creating two successful, job creating, tax paying businesses. Despite being a prima facie example of the greatness of the American dream as a land of second opportunities, the McAllister family continues to live their lives in one year, and recently six month, intervals.”

The statement said that, as Judge Maryanne Trump Barry (the older sister of President Donald Trump) noted in a ruling on an earlier Malachy McAllister appeal: “The problem here, though, is that Congress’s definition of ‘terrorist activity’ sweeps in not only the big guy but also the little guy who poses no risk to anyone. It sweeps in Malachy McAllister.”

The AOH statement added: “The Hibernians note that today’s regulations would deport Former Attorney General of New York Thomas Addis Emmet, Col. Michael Corcoran commanding officer of the ‘Fighting 69th,’ General Thomas Francis Meagher commander of the renowned Irish Brigade, poet and journalist John Boyle O’Reilly and acclaimed actors Arthur Shields and George Brent.

“Nothing can diminish the Hibernians profound gratitude for this six month stay. However, it is also a call to action to permanently fix the problem and let Malachy McAllister and his family enjoy the peace and security that America has symbolized for generations of immigrants.”