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McAllister seeks deportation stay as days run out

Malachy McAllister with former senator George Mitchell


By Ray O’Hanlon

Malachy McAllister has one more roll of the D.C. dice.

And he’s rolling it before Congress goes into recess for Thanksgiving.

And that all American day could be the Belfast man’s last day in America.

McAllister is holding a series of meetings in the nation’s capital with members of Congress, House and Senate and from both parties that support his bid for a long term future in the country he and his family have lived in since 1996.

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While McAllister’s cause is indeed support by Democrats and Republicans the reality is that there might not be enough of the latter in his corner.

A bill granting him a reprieve from deportation before the House of Representatives Judiciary Sub-Committee, H.R. 1547, isn’t moving as Democrats won’t move it without consent from Republicans.

It is believed that there is a blockage at the GOP leadership level in the House preventing such consent.

McAllister wants Democrats to simply use their majority and move the bill through the sub-committee.

This, he believes, would demonstrate to the Department of Homeland Security that there is movement in his case.

McAllister is being aided in his efforts by Irish American organizations, most especially the Ancient Order of Hibernians which has been pressing DHS officials and congressional members virtually on a daily basis in recent months. McAllister is himself a Hibernian.

As he headed for Washington, McAllister received a message of support, one of many, from the

Brehon Law Society of New York which said it stood “in support and solidarity” as McAllister continues to fight to stay with his family in the United States.

“We demand justice for Malachy and implore the U.S. government to grant him asylum or permanent residence here where he has lived as our neighbor, worked as a successful businessman, and raised his family for the past three decades.

“The U.S. is Malachy’s home. He should be allowed to safely stay here,” said a release from the society.

Meanwhile, beyond Congress, his many supporters and the DHS there is another possible avenue for McAllister. And it leads to the White house and President Trump whose sister, retired federal judge Maryanne Trump Barry, has spoken is support of him being allowed to remain in the U.S.