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Jersey Hibernians mark 9/11 anniversary

New Jersey members of the AOH remembered fallen Hibernians with a statement on the 17th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks with a statement from State President Larry Prelle.

Said Mr. Prelle: “Seventeen years ago today there were attacks on the United State of America (World Trade Center Complex, Pentagon and United Airlines Flight 93.) Over 2,800 lives were lost in the attacks upon the World Trade Center where nine members of New Jersey’s Ancient Order of Hibernians lost their lives.

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“These are our honored dead, they will not be forgotten, their sacrifice will not be forgotten and their families will not be forgotten.

“We will hold their memories close and keep them always in our hearts. They perished in the same fashion that hundreds of thousands of brave Irish Americans died, in the service of their country and fellow Americans.”

Those being remembered are: Peter Milano of Volunteer Pat Torphy Division, Monmouth County. Bruce Reynolds, Moe Barry, Mike Wholey, Don McIntyre, Steve Huczko, Liam Callahan Jim Nelson and Thomas Gorman of St. Michael’s Division Hudson County 8 Port Authority Police.

President Prelle asked his members to pray and remember the fallen and their families.