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Towel Radiators 101

If you’re considering a re-design of your bathroom or perhaps simply adding a wall-mounted radiator to the smallest room in the house, then a towel radiator is the ideal addition.

While radiators continue to fulfil a very practical and functional need within the home, these essential items are on longer simply a dull item stuck to a wall.

Contemporary radiators have been designed with elegance and fashion in mind. All that and they provide instant heat, too – simply perfect for warming your towel while you bath or shower and for drying off the damp cloth afterwards.

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So if you are planning to install a new bathroom suite, installing a heated radiator should also form an essential part of your design. The right choice of radiator will not only complement the fixtures and fittings you choose but will indeed enhance the space. And if you are simply looking to provide more heat or comfort into the bathroom, then towel radiators are the way to do it.

Having selected your bathroom suite, now’s the time to pick the right radiator to complete the new look. And you will find a quite staggering choice of radiators, with styles that range from classic to vintage to contemporary to designer, flat or curved, slimline, wide or tall.

Classic towel radiators are instantly recognisable, often in stainless steel or white, and providing several shelves on which to hang towels or even clothes to warm. Designer styles combine functionality with the funky – picture one with flat panels in a high-quality chrome-plated finish that would look quite sensational alongside an ultra-contemporary bathroom suite.

Maybe you’ve been seduced by a cast-iron, claw-footed bath and want the perfect towel radiator to complete the vintage look of your bathroom. Go for a Victorian style that offers simplicity and a classic look combined with efficient water heating.

Visit your local DIY store to examine in detail the sort of radiators that are available. While it always helps to have an idea of what you’re looking for to finish off your bathroom, you certainly won’t be short of inspiration once you arrive on the showroom floor and you’re sure to find the expert staff willing to provide explanations and ideas.

It should go without saying but is always worth repeating that you should only use a professional to install any sort of heating device to ensure safety and minimise risk. Make sure you engage a central heating professional or plumber who can ensure that your new radiator works in perfect harmony with the rest of the system.

Ask for a guarantee that the work has been done to industry and safety standards so any potential issues or problems can be dealt with quickly without costing you money. For extra peace of mind, an annual service contract with a reputable company will ensure that your central heating system continues to function efficiently all year round.

Whatever kind of radiator you choose for your bathroom, you’ll find it always provides a warm welcome.

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