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10 things to consider when buying a conservatory

There is no question about it, providing you have sufficient space, building a conservatory is the perfect addition to any home in the UK. If it’s done right you can enjoy it for many years on any day of the year: it feels like you’re outside and inside both at the same time. Before taking the plunge there are a few things homeowners should consider:

Do you need planning permission?

Planning permission from the local authority is not usually required in England and Wales unless you’re making changes to a listed building or in a conservation area. The rule here is: don’t do anything until you have checked with the council.

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Use quality traders!

The cheapest option might not be the best option considering the value of such an important investment. Talk to specialists that vet the companies in your area specialising in double glazed windows and conservatories. Also, make sure you know how long it will take to build.

Think about how you want to use it!

The size, style and layout of the space are important! Is it going to be an office or a dining room or an extension of the garden? You may want it to be everything and more so talk with the designers and installers before committing to a particular design.

What materials will you use?

The life span of your conservatory will be dramatically dependent on the materials used. PVC frames last the longest and are the most common; glazing can be made of polycarbonate or glass. To stop the greenhouse effect in the summer, think about using performance glass or solar reflective inserts in the polycarbonate.

You will need ventilation!

To stop condensation and the stifling effects of carbon dioxide building up you will need some way of letting air in. Opening a window will usually suffice in summer but not on a freezing winter’s night; consider adding a roof vent to allow air to circulate without creating too much of a draft.

Will you need air conditioning and heating?

Air conditioning is becoming more popular these days and can be a welcome asset on a hot summer’s day. Conditioners can also provide heat during the winter months without the need to fit radiators or under floor heating.

Do you want a personalised build?

Many double glazing specialists can supply a variety of finishing touches such as unique doors and window frames to really add a personal touch. Everything costs a bit extra than the standard option, but as with most things in this world, you get what you pay for.

Get some quotes!

Do some research and obtain a selection of good quotes that have all your specifications included. A good company should be able to foresee any problems by using years of experience to anticipate them, and include a surplus budget within their quote.

Ensure your conservatory comes with a guarantee!

Most installers should offer a ten year guarantee which is also backed up by an insurance policy. This contract should also be transferable to any new owners, should you decide to sell.

Is it safe?

Does your conservatory come with security features such as locking windows and multi lock doors? Ask you conservatory supplier what safety standards they use to keep intruders out.

Once you’ve considered all of these points you’ll be sure to find the conservatory that meets both your needs and expectations.