Take better pictures with iPhone 5

Ever since mobile phones and smartphones developed increasingly sophisticated camera functionality, there’s been a tussle between people preferring to use their phone to take photographs or a standalone digital camera. While using a smartphone to take photos is undoubtedly convenient, not all phones on the marketplace are able to take high quality pictures with bright colours and without blurring or pixilation, and so many people still hold on to their trusted digital cameras to ensure that they’re able to capture high quality images for special occasions such as birthdays and graduation ceremonies.

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The release of Apple’s latest smartphone, iPhone5, marks a new chapter in the development of camera functionality in the smartphone marketplace. So, what is it exactly that makes iPhone 5 a cut above the rest in terms of its camera offering? Well, for a start, the 8 megapixel camera will pretty much match any stand-alone digital camera in the market in terms of pixilation, providing you with clear and bright images every time. Available to purchase at Carphone Warehouse, iPhone 5 also has improved HDR capabilities. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range imaging, and the improved HDR of iPhone 5 means that the camera can shoot multiple exposures at the same time and combine them to create one shot that is vibrant and colourful while still remaining natural looking. The improved HRD capabilities of iPhone 5 are a huge upgrade from Apple’s previous models and work particularly well for landscape and cityscape scenes.

It has also been noted by early adopters of Apple’s latest iPhone model that the phone takes sharper pictures than ever before. While earlier models may take blurry photos at a distance, the software upgrade of iPhone 5 camera means that its users can take crystal clear photos every time.

It is not only the software of the camera that makes iPhone 5 a cut above the rest, but the capacity for editing photos on the phone itself. You can use the phone’s touch screen interface to crop photos, remove red eye and enhance colours as you see fit – all from iPhone5’s own interface, and without needing to download any specialist software to a computer. With such improvements in smartphone camera technology, it’s no wonder that sales of digital cameras are falling year by year, down by almost a third in the last five years according to The Telegraph.

Are you ready to discard your digital camera and use your smartphone to take photos?