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Eye wonder… The benefits of laser eye surgery

Even if you're lucky enough to have enjoyed perfect eyesight throughout your life, sight deterioration is a natural part of growing older. Happily, though, these days there are many easily-accessible remedies to correct it. The same goes for those of us with less than 20:20 vision due to assorted visual impairments – we can choose to wear glasses or contact lenses, or perhaps undergo laser eye surgery for permanent sight correction, alleviating the inconvenience of carrying around cases and cloths, or having to insert and remove fiddly lenses.

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More than 100,000 people a year in the UK now opt for surgery, with around 85% of those over 18 already wearing glasses and lenses proving suitable candidates.

But is eye surgery appropriate for you? And if so, just what is involved? Where can you go for information on the host of questions you will undoubtedly want answered, such as how much does it cost, how long is the recovery process, and – of crucial importance to most people when they're considering surgery – does it hurt?

Click on laser eye surgery review for extensive information about every aspect involved with the process: from how to choose a clinic, along with a step-by-step run down of what to expect during the actual procedure – including what it actually feels like – to links to external forums, where past patients discuss their own personal experiences. There's also an interactive comparison of prices in your area – for in the same way as if you were buying say, a new computer, or considering cosmetic surgery, it pays to shop around. Not only do you want to be reassured on quality, nobody likes paying over the odds for a product they can get for a better price somewhere else. Similarly, if you're unsure about the requisite level of competency offered, the site fills you in on the appropriate qualifications and affiliations a surgeon should display after their name, and recommends questions to ask about what you should expect from aftercare.

Perhaps the most surprising thing to learn about laser eye surgery is that the vast majority of patients state it's almost totally pain-free. In addition, it is one of the safest elective surgical procedures around – not the mention one of the quickest, with the procedure lasting a matter of minutes. First offered to the public in the 1980s, both the technology and techniques have evolved drastically over the years, with laser eye surgery clinics and centres increasing in numbers and popularity. This makes the ability to choose the right practitioner even more imperative should you be considering such treatment for yourself.

So if you're unhappy having to replace your glasses every year or two, or feel slightly queasy at the thought of wearing contact lenses, you might want to check out whether a surgical procedure is the way to go.

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