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Jackpot Joy for Stefanie W

There was jackpot joy for Stefanie W when she scooped more than £4,000 playing bingo, a win that left her smiling after an otherwise bad week.

"[I am] so happy and thankful for this, things will go so much smoother in the [coming] weeks," said Miss W after winning £4,635 playing Bingo 75 on

The win could not have come at a better time for Stefanie, who plans to use the money to pay for a holiday in the sun, to help put the winter blues behind her.

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Jackpotjoy is an Online Bingo site which incorporates a number of games including Deal or No Deal, roulette, an online casino and scratch cards.

Deal or No Deal is proving to be a particularly popular progressive slots game. Once you get to the bonus level in this version the hit game you have the chance to pit yourself against The Banker, which replicates the excitement of the real thing, as seen on TV.

Another television classic which has been given a new lease of life on the popular bingo site is The Price is Right. To add to the excitement of this game (just as was the case in the original TV show) winning a car is a possibility.

Jackpotjoy also features roulette and other online casino games, for those who want to enjoy traditional games of chance without the need to venture out; also featured on the website are scratch cards and slot machines.

The game of bingo, or ‘housey-housey’, as it has also been known, dates back as far as 1530. For a number of years it has been perceived as game for the older generation; however, the Internet has changed this. Traditional bingo halls now battle a smoking ban, among other set-backs, to keep player numbers up.

The beauty of bingo sites is multiple. First and foremost, unlike the traditional bingo hall, they are open 24/7; in addition, any number of people can play at one time, meaning that the rewards can be that much greater, should you be fortunate enough to win while having fun.

An added attraction is that players won’t miss out due to any distractions (either on or offline), thanks to the auto dab function which allows the computer to help you keep up with the caller.

You can take a break for a cup of tea and biscuit and settle in to play online bingo at Jackpotjoy in the knowledge that there’ll always be a friendly bingo fan (or three) waiting to spend a bit of time with you. Like-minded people will always be on Jackpotjoy looking to play bingo and have some fun.

The chat-rooms are a safe haven for those who enjoy an online gossip while playing; they are also a place where a helpful guide is always on hand.

Even if you are not there in person you can buy tickets in advance, meaning that you can literally play in your sleep. You can also book tickets to play bingo up to 24 hours in advance, so you will never need to miss out.

While playing bingo is fun in its own right, the game is about more than just winning, it’s about having fun with a community of like-minded people. That said, Jackpotjoy offer more progressive jackpots than any other site; so if you do win, there’s a greater chance that you’ll win big.

Players can start getting involved for just a £10 stake, with Jackpotjoy adding £20 worth of free plays online.

To return to the start of this article, Stefanie won by playing 75 Ball Bingo. This version of bingo works by players making a certain pattern on their cards; so, for players that enjoy the idea of a big money win by marking off their own favourite shape on a bingo card, 75 Ball Bingo rooms are ideal.

The game 75-Ball Bingo is played by marking out patterns on cards which are laid out on a five by five grid. Each of these grids contains 24 numbers from one to 75. The first player who correctly completes the winning pattern (or blackout of numbers) on their card wins.

That is what Stefanie W did and she knows exactly where a part of her £4,635 prize is going, with spending money for a holiday in Benidorm at the top of her list.

Jackpotjoy know there is no magic formula that will let you make money online, but if you play their games you might just land a healthy win and have a ton of fun in the process.