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Gaming Industry Teams Up with Gamers

One of the most enjoyable aspects of joining is the fact that you know what you are getting: free impartial advice about online bingo companies in the UK. This comes in the form of reviews by BingoPort staff and also reviews from bingo players, who have tried some of the games available and have shared their opinions on them with the BingoPort community.

Now, there is even more incentive to join the BingoPort site and let the community know your views about the range of games you have played online, as BingoPort has announced a new scheme that is rewarding gamers for leaving their feedback on their favourite (and not-so-favourite) bingo websites.

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The system works in a very simple way. Once bingo players have logged onto the BingoPort website, they can click on the 'where to play bingo' tab and from there they can access the review system of over 250 bingo sites.

Listed on these pages are some of the biggest names in the online bingo scene; companies such as Mecca Bingo, Cheeky Bingo and Wonder Bingo. Clicking on a company’s tab brings up the detailed information that BingoPort holds on that company, including the comments, observations and reviews of the site that other gamers have made.

BingoPort will reward players for commenting on websites by crediting their Port Points account with a set number of points for each comment that they make, whether it is positive or negative. These points can be accrued over time and redeemed for gifts and prizes, including Amazon vouchers.

Since the start of the promotion, BingoPort has already given away in excess of £200,000 in Amazon vouchers alone.

Obviously, the amount a gamer can earn is dependent on where and how often they play bingo. If you are a regular player of online bingo, have built up extensive experience of playing at a variety of bingo sites and have experiences that you feel would benefit being related to a wider bingo community, then this is a fantastic opportunity to express your opinion on a site and earn a little extra money as a reward.

In addition to earning money you will also be doing all your fellow bingo players a service. Nobody will enjoy playing a game on a site that is poorly managed; where payments are delayed and the service is generally poor.

This new promotion from BingoPort allows you to alert other players to sites that are not only poor, but also those that are offering excellent service and maintain professional standards throughout.

This is the great thing about BingoPort; not only is it truly independent, meaning that all the reviews can be trusted to be free from bias, but it also now offers its customers the chance to earn money, not just from getting lucky on bingo, but by sharing their opinions online.

It has to be said that with this new promotion from BingoPort, everyone is a winner!

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