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Cheap Caravan Insurance: Holiday Necessity or Waste of Money?

Adding up the total cost of a caravan holiday can be a sobering experience. When you add on the total cost of the often-disregarded items (fuel, food and shopping expenses, the cost of gas bottles and the like) it is tempting to think that you may be able to enjoy your trip without even the most basic of cover afforded by cheap caravan insurance.

Such thoughts are foolhardy, however.

Whether you are seeking insurance for caravan, mobile home or trailer tent, any form of mobile home that is towed behind a vehicle is legally obliged to have at least third party insurance when it is taken on public highways and byways.

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Many motorists may feel their car insurance may cover their caravan; often this is incorrect, though, as many policies do not cover the towing of caravans or the like as part of their standard cover.

In short, caravan insurance is not just an optional frivolity; it is an important part of your holiday budget and should be an automatic consideration for those who own a caravan.

Each year, more than 5,000 caravans are reported stolen in the UK and though instances have fallen markedly in recent years (47 per cent according to the insurance industry) it is still a real concern for those whose caravan is not fully covered. In addition, many caravans are damaged beyond repair in road accidents or damaged in other ways, such as fire.

Without comprehensive cover in place, owners face the risk of losing any investment they made in their caravan completely.

Aside from the initial cost of purchasing a caravan, many caravanners invest a large amount of their own money in decorating and fitting out their caravan with luxuries and accoutrements. It is essential that these are also adequately covered by the insurance policy, or they too can be lost.

Considering the number of caravanning enthusiasts in Great Britain, it is unsurprising that the caravan insurance market is highly competitive. This is good news for those seeking cheap insurance for their caravan as it means that insurance companies will (in the same way they do for car and home insurance) try to give caravan owners the best deal possible when purchasing insurance.

With your caravan fully insured, it is then possible to hit the roads and take in some of the most outstanding camping opportunities the country has to offer. Whether it is a picturesque campsite high in the Cumbrian fells, a secluded site set amidst the glorious backdrop of the Highland mountains or one nestled close to one of the many high quality Cornish beaches, the flexibility open to the caravan owner means it’s easy to see the appeal of this form of holiday break.

A holiday should be about relaxing, and knowing your caravan and all its contents are fully insured and secure is a big part of that. Quality caravan insurance is cheaply available and is an important investment for anyone considering a caravan holiday in the UK or further afield.

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