Holly Valance back in the limelight

You may know her as the bikini-clad beauty from Neighbours or the self-styled pop star. Now Holly Valance has a third career path as the new face of Foster’s Gold beer.

Born in 1983, to a Serbian father and English mother, Holly sprang to fame as Felicity Scully in the much-loved Australian soap Neighbours. She cemented her place in the history of the show through the late 90s, clocking up over 250 appearances in all, before changing tact and unleashing her singing skills on the world.

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In 2002 she recorded and released her first album, an international hit entitled Footprints, which of course contained the dance floor classic ‘Kiss Kiss’. In the same year her musical efforts were recognised when she was nominated in the category of Best Pop Release for ‘Kiss Kiss’ at the ARIA Awards, which is an annual ceremony that celebrates the success of Australian artists.

After conquering the music scene at home and abroad she returned to her love of acting. She went to America to cast for big shows across the pond and was soon appearing in hit shows such as CSI Miami and Entourage. In 2006 she guest-starred in Prison break; such was her success in the show that she was asked to come back and play the character once more in the following series.

It wasn’t just in TV where Holly made waves. She quickly found a place in the film world with appearances in ‘Dead or Alive’ and the most recent National Lampoon film ‘Pledge This’. However, the apex of her film career so far, must surely be her presence in the 2008 blockbuster ‘Taken’, where she co-starred with Liam Neeson as the protagonist’s abducted daughter.

Still only in her late 20s, Holly seems to have been in our consciousness forever. Perhaps one of her most high profile associations is being acted out on our TV screens right now. As a name synonymous with the Antipodean silver screen, she has now become the face of the new Foster’s beer ads. You are extremely likely to see Ms Valance on the new Foster’s advert; the latest in the hilarious Brad and Dan Good Call series. In the advert, Holly elegantly swans into a roof-top party where Brad and Dan are hanging out in a typically casual fashion

All in all, it’s a fine advert and a fine endorsement from this princess of the Australian soap scene who went on to be a pop megastar and Hollywood darling. Whatever she goes on to do, by the look of the advertising campaign, Holly looks as if she’ll be working with Foster’s for some time.