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Flights to Spain, Portugal canceled

Aer Lingus and Ryanair have announced flight cancelations to certain airports in Spain and Portugal, because of the volcanic ash cloud from Iceland, RTE reports.

In a statement Saturday morning, the Irish Aviation Authority said that Irish airspace is currently clear of ash.

However, they added that “the ash cloud situated over the North Atlantic is drifting in over the Iberian Peninsula, and other parts of southern Europe, with a consequential risk to flight in those areas.”
Irish Airports are expected to be open until at least midnight tonight.

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“However, North Atlantic flights and flights to / from Southern Europe may be impacted over the weekend.”

European air traffic agency Eurocontrol has said that the cloud could extend as far as Barcelona and Marseilles.

Aer Lingus has confirmed that it has been forced to cancel all flights from Dublin, Cork, Belfast and London Gatwick to Spain, Portugal and the Canary Islands for the remainder of the day, with the exception of flights EI 782 from Dublin to Las Palmas and EI 783 from Las Palmas to Dublin.