Ronan to the rescue

Tynan, a physician who studied at Trinity College Dublin and who did a residency rotation in the emergency room at a Dublin hospital, stopped his show in the middle of the second half and went down into the audience when it became apparent that one of the concert-goers was experiencing medical difficulties.

When told that the man was diabetic, Tynan immediately took measures to ensure that the man did not lapse into a diabetic coma.

By the time paramedics arrived and took the man off to the hospital, he was speaking to Tynan and apologizing for interrupting the show.

"To make sure the rest of the audience did not feel short changed, Dr. Tynan re-commenced the concert with a rousing rendition of Sweet Home Alabama and continued with the remainder of the show," said a spokeswoman for the tenor.

"I didn't stop to think about it. Your medical training kicks in and you just act. It's what I was trained to do," said Tynan afterwards.

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