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Meryl Streep will portray Inez McCormack

Apart from this, the two women come from world's apart.

But their lives will cross in a few days because Streep has chosen to read the role of the Northern Ireland human rights activist and union leader in a special ensemble reading of the documentary play, "SEVEN" which focuses on the work and lives of a diverse group of women leaders from around the world.

The production is being staged on the opening night of The Daily Beast's "Women in the World" three day summit being held March 12-14 in New York's Hudson Theatre.

The production - developed several years ago by Vital Voices Global Partnership, an international women's NGO based in Washington D.C. that identifies, trains and connects emerging women leaders around the world - is being presented on the opening night

Vital Voices commissioned seven award-winning playwrights to tell the personal stories of Mccormack and six other women who have triumphed over enormous obstacles to bring major changes in Northern Ireland, Russia, Pakistan, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Guatemala, and Cambodia.

Alyse Nelson, co-founder and president of Vital Voices, said that the performance was a collaborative effort involving the Tina Brown-edited news website The Daily Beast, Vital Voices and the United Nations Foundation.

"It is very humbling to have your life story represented in this way and a privilege to have an Oscar winning actress and strong female character like Meryl Streep involved in the dramatization," said McCormack, who was honored by the Echo at New York City Hall in December for her work on behalf of the MacBride Principles campaign.

"I have had the privilege of spending a lifetime at the service of warm strong women, who challenged injustice not just for themselves but for the people and communities they cared for and whose only affirmation has been that of their own conscience," McCormack said.

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