Di Napoli for comptroller

Among the myriad of decisions that New York voters will have to make on Nov. 2 is choosing who will preside at the office of New York State Comptroller.

At present, the incumbent is Thomas Di Napoli, a Democrat who stepped in four years ago when fellow Democrat Alan Hevesi began to experience the legal difficulties that have now ended his political career.

It was not an ideal ascent to an extremely important state office, but Di Napoli has acquitted himself well, even as he works through an economy that is placing enormous stresses and strains on his area of primary responsibility, that being the state's pension fund, currently valued in the region of $125 billion.

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In looking at the job of comptroller, be it at state level in Albany, or in New York City, a primary concern for this paper, and, we hope, our readers, is the office holder's position and record with regard to the MacBride Principles on fair employment.

In this regard, Di Napoli has demonstrated due interest and concern and has continued a tradition in his office of standing up for the fair employment guidelines for Northern Ireland where and when necessary.

He has attended several events where the MacBride Principles have been the primary focus, including last year's 25th anniversary gathering at City Hall in Manhattan.

Di Napoli has maintained the ethical standards that are especially necessary given his particular responsibilities, and now presents himself to voters as a candidate seeking a return to office on voters' terms.

We hope New Yorkers respond positively to Di Napoli's candidacy, and we endorse him for the office of New York State Comptroller.