2024 Irish Labor Awards

Patrick Casey

Patrick Casey

Current Company and Position: Police Officer, Orangetown Police Department; President, Orangetown Police Department PBA; Public Information Officer, Rockland County PBA.

Family: Kalynn Burns - expecting first child in December 2024.

First Job: Intern/Clerk US Drug Enforcement Administration.

What it taught me: While I had odd jobs as a child, my first real job was for the DEA. I learned the importance of attention to detail, networking, and being passionate about what you do.

Best advice you could give someone starting out: Be a yes person. Dedicate your time to what you are doing. If it be union work or police work, there is no greater teacher than experience and time. The more you are exposed to the more experience you will gain and as you get more time on the job you can look back and see how far you have come. Take that extra shift, do that undesirable detail, volunteer to help out and you will gain more experience.

Who is your hero and why? My father and mother. My father was a police officer for more than 20 years who balanced work and family but always put the family first. My mother was always there for not just her children but all her family and friends. Together they showed me and my sisters the importance of respect, family, and never giving up.

Biography: Pat was raised in Orangetown, NY by James and Jane Ann Casey along with his two sisters Sinead and Meghan. Pat graduated from Tappan Zee High School in 2007 where he got his competitive edge as a captain of the Varsity Basketball team and earned many honors and awards to included 1st Team All county. Pat graduated from Manhattan College in 2011 earning a BA in Government and Sociology. During his tenure at Manhattan, he began to forge a path of leadership and community involvement outside the realm of sports serving as the President and VP within the Student Government.  Pat also served as President for two years on the Manhattan College Gaelic Society where he was instrumental in the return of Gaelic football back at Manhattan College. Pat also revived the College Republicans on campus and was active in the National College Republicans and campaigns. Simultaneously, Pat was selected for a prestigious paid internship with the U.S Drug Enforcement Administration marking the beginning of a promising career in law enforcement. 

In 2014, Pat found himself lucky enough to be offered a position as Police Officer in his hometown with the Orangetown (NY) Police Department, the same Department his father served in for 20 years. Early in Pat’s career he showed a great interest in the Orangetown PBA. He started out by attending meetings and offering to help with anything and eventually was given more responsibility with fundraisers, golf outings, and other events. Pat would be elected early on to the Bargaining and Grievance Committee and then eventually to President of the Orangetown PBA in November of 2021a title he still currently holds. Pat has helped to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars through the OPD PBA for members in need and countless charities the PBA supports. Pat has navigated the PBA through the Department’s merge with a smaller department, formation of new positions, and settled a contract that was very well received by the entire membership. Pat is proud of his work to bring members of his PBA together, problem solve, and expanded the PBA’s influence and network by working with other PBAs and associations. However, Pat is most proud of his work with the PBA’s 9/11 Memorial every September 11th and the PBA Toy Drive every December that brings joy to multiple families in need. 

Pat is also very active in the Rockland County PBA (RCPBA) where he has held the position so Political Advisor and currently as the Public Information Officer under longtime friend and mentor RCPBA President Larry Ayers, a past Irish Echo Labor Ambassador recipient. Pat’s active role in this PBA has brought him to attend and be proactive in the Police Conference of New York and the National Organizations of Police Organizations. Pat has worked to fix pension issues for his fellow officer and himself, to include a two year “battle” to get numerous officers the pension benefit they were entitled too by actively working to get bills past at the State and Local level. 

Pat is a member of the AOH Division 3, Friendly Sons of St. Patrick, and grew up playing Gaelic Football for the Rockland GAA, a club founded by his maternal Grandfather, an Irish immigrant from County Leitrim. Pat also has a love for Irish culture, history, and Irish music. 

Pat considers himself lucky to have many loyal and devoted friends, especially those he has made through the PBA. There are too many to list, but Pat always says, he has learned so much from all the “PBA guys.” Aside from his love of PBA work, Pat loves being a cop a title he takes much pride in. His father, grandfather, and numerous uncles and close friends are active or retired law enforcement. Pat loves to help people and do the job. He is a very proactive cop who has been recognized many times for excellent and meritorious work on the street. Pat lives in Orangetown with the love of his life Kalynn Burns, a fellow Law Enforcement Member and Marine Corps Veteran, and their German Shepard Stella, and they are excited to welcome their first child to the family in December of 2024.

2024 Irish Labor Awards