The American Irish Historical Society

Historical Society Seeks Members

It is up and running. Its door is open.

Now the American Irish Historical Society at 991 Fifth Avenue is inviting new members to walk through that iconic door. 

"We are delighted to announce that the American Irish Historical Society is once more open and flourishing on Fifth Avenue," said AIHS chairman Jim Normile in an email inviting applications from those desired new members. 

And he continued: "We invite you to become a member, and help us fulfill our education mission. By becoming a member, you will ensure that scholars can visit the archives; that authors and performers can showcase their work; and that the Society can let the world know of the contributions of the Irish to America.

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"As a member, you will be eligible to attend all events, and receive early bird and discounted tickets to certain events. You will also be able to have a complimentary tour of the building. Since our re-opening in February, we have already hosted over fifteen literary, dramatic, or academic events, and we plan on having many more.

"Our new website,, is live and you can follow this link to become a member and help us to sustain and preserve our collections, as well as continue to bring quality programming for all those interested in the American Irish."