Steve Duggan in 2019. Photo by Nuala Purcell.

Celebrating the Life of Steve Duggan

The life and many contributions to life of Steve Duggan will be celebrated this Saturday evening, April 13, at the place that he made famous, Paddy Reilly's Music Bar on Second Avenue and 29th Street in Manhattan.

Duggan, co-founder and longtime owner of Paddy Reilly's, died on Thursday, April 4. He was 76.

The celebratory gathering at Paddy Reilly's will run from 7.30 p.m. to 2 a.m. and will feature a range of Irish music performers including The Prodigals.

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Said the release: "This past week marked the passing of an icon in the New York Irish scene. Steve Duggan, the co-founder and long-time previous owner of Paddy Reilly's Music Bar, on 29th Street and 2nd Ave. Mr. Duggan died this past Thursday, April 4, aged 76.

"Paddy Reilly's was founded in 1986 by Steve Duggan and the renowned singer Paddy Reilly. For the last 38 years, the venue has been the home of live Irish music in New York, starting the careers of such luminaries as Eileen Ivers, Joanie Madden, Black 47, and the Prodigals, who have now held an ongoing residency there for more than a quarter-century- the longest running music residency in New York.. 

"Other recent performances include Hozier, who celebrated his 33rd birthday there last year, and the venue has long attracted luminaries such as Christy Turlington, Naomi Campbell, Jimmy Fallon, Conor McGregor, Jason Patric, Gabriel Byrne, and many more.

"Paddy Reilly's is now giving back, as Steve often did, this Saturday, April 13, with a very special 'Celebration of the life of Steve Duggan.' A native of County Cavan, Duggan's eclectic career ranged from being one of the top Gaelic footballers in Ireland and running the Dublin marathon while dribbling a football, to acting as agent and promoter for some of the most prominent names in Irish music, and of course, being the convivial host of Paddy Reilly's, chatting on a first-name basis with legends and locals alike."

Saturday's celebratory gathering will benefit the New York Chapter of The Gaelic Athletic Association.