Malachy McAllister with Senator George Mitchell.

McAllister Pays Tribute to Trump Barry

Malachy McAllister, who for years fought deportation from the United States, has paid tribute to Judge Maryanne Trump Barry who, as a federal appeals court judge, delivered an opinion in favor of McAllister being allowed to remain the United States.

McAllister was deported in 2020.

Said McAllister in a statement: "I was so sad to hear of the passing of Maryanne Trump Barry. She was an incredible women and Federal Court Judge who should be remembered by Irish America for her understanding of Irish history and politics.

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"She took the time to consider all the facts and history of my case in those dark days of the Troubles in Northern Ireland (as she put it ) and the person I was today.. (a family man who supported peace and the Good Friday Agreement and who was now bringing up a family alone after the sudden death of my wife Bernadette).

"Although she couldn't keep me in the U.S. she made a very compassionate appeal and urged the federal government to intervene to allow my daughter, son and I to remain in the U.S. 

"How ironic it was that it was her brother President Trump that ultimately give ICE the green light to deport me after previously promising to resolve my case in light of the support I had in the U.S. and request from his Honorable Sister to the federal government as well as a personal request to him from the head of the Catholic Church in New York, Cardinal Dolan. 

"Unlike her brother, former President Donald Trump, Maryanne Trump Barry had dignity and respect for the law and the plight of immigrants fleeing persecution for political and religious beliefs from their homeland.

"If I could I would fly over tomorrow just to be in attendance at her funeral however, I will always remember her kind words and wishes for my family and I and I hope and pray she rests in peace."