New York Hibernians Convene in Syracuse

The logo for the 2021 state convention depicts the famed traffic signal at Tipperary Hill in Syracuse. The signal is inverted with green at the top.

By Irish Echo Staff

Members of the Ancient Order of Hibernians and Ladies AOH from all around New York State are gathering in the upstate city of Syracuse this week to plan for the future, elect new leadership, and celebrate their cherished heritage.

According to the New York State AOH website, this year celebrates the 101st AOH New York State Biennial Convention and the 62nd LAOH New York State Biennial Convention.

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The website stated that this was "an incredible testament that speaks to the strength of this Order and of the commitment of Hibernians all across New York State to preserving our Irish history and serving our communities both at home and in Ireland."

As well as all the serious business of running the AOH in the Empire State, those attending the convention will be availing of celebratory gatherings such as an Icebreaker Tailgate, an Irish & Awards Night, a Banquet Night, and a Syracuse Casino Night.

A number of leading entertainers are also lined up for daily and evening gatherings for the convention which runs from Wednesday July 7 to Saturday the 10th.

The main gathering spot is the Downtown Syracuse Marriott Hotel but another certain meeting place will be the famed Tipperary Hill, the landmark city crossroads where the traffic lights are inverted with green on the top.