Border Communities Bracing For British Protocol Move

Border Communities Against Brexit members during a 2019 protest. file photo


By Irish Echo Staff

The Border Communities Against Brexit campaign group is bracing for what it says is a likely British government move this week that will prove nothing but divisive.

It is expected on Wednesday that the British Government will either implement Article 16 or dis-apply parts of the Irish Protocol, the group said in a statement.

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The statement continued: "Effectively what the British Government are doing is pitting the two communities here against one another, whilst at the same time tearing up an internationally binding agreement. Once again the dominant issue of the last 5 years of Brexit will be to the fore again, the Irish Border.

"This intractable problem had a solution, the Irish Protocol; the failure to implement it will now leave the EU, and the United States with no other option but to seek to solve the issue of the Irish Border by applying diplomatic pressure to allow the people on the Island of Ireland decided for themselves their political futures.

"The Protocol has allowed business here to thrive and further develop the All Island Economy, giving unfettered access to the UK market and that of the EU. But there are many who wish to wreck the Protocol and see the All Island Economy fail.

"We have watched with anger and disgust in recent days, especially how multi million pound Supermarkets have joined in a chorus of opposition to the Irish Protocol. These Supermarkets have become cheerleaders for Brexit and have hitched their wagon to the Tories and DUP Anti Protocol campaign.

"The Protocol is a consequence of Brexit, negotiated painstakingly for years to solve the intractable problem of the Irish Border. Many of these same Supermarkets operate huge businesses in the South of Ireland, with solid supply chains in place from within Ireland and from the EU to keep the shelves stacked.

"It is utterly disgraceful that they have hitched their wagon with those who for narrow selfish political interests wish to see the Protocol destroyed. We the people who by a majority voted Remain, also back the Protocol, we also live and shop in our communities.

"Our message to the Supermarkets is simple, you got your grace period, implement the necessary changes to your supply chains, and stop being a proxy for Brexiteers!"

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