Thomas Downs Has City Hall in his Youthful Sights

Mayoral Candidate Thomas Downs

By Ray O'Hanlon

The world and its mother is running for the job of Mayor of New York City.

So is the son of a Dubliner.

Thomas Downs is the son of business owner and Dublin-born Ronan Downs. Thomas is also 18, which makes him a standout in a field where candidates from a range of backgrounds generally fall into the 30 plus category - and that's the younger end of the scale.

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“It is out of a sheer love for New York City and its people. Elected officials are servants of the people, and I am ready to serve," said Downs, whose speaking voice and general air of maturity speaks of a markedly older candidate.

Still, he is by far the youngest candidate in a packed field of Democrats, Republicans and Independents. Downs is himself an Independent so he gets to skirt the upcoming primary scrum, most especially the one involving Democratic hopefuls.

Primary Day is June 20 in the city and there is additional early voting June 12-2o.

According to a statement from his campaign, Downs, as the youngest candidate, is challenging the preconceived notions of what the Mayor of New York City looks like.

"His passion and depth of knowledge on the ins and outs of political change in the city make him a serious contender, despite his age. His platforms include recovery and growth plans for small businesses, an expansion of green spaces and park programs, and bringing the infrastructure up to par."

Downs has grown up working in the restaurant industry, so retail politics should come naturally enough.

His father, Ronan, is involved with several restaurants, including Beckett’s Bar & Grill, The Dubliner, and the Stone Street Tavern in Lower Manhattan.

Candidate Downs says that through the years he has gained an intimate knowledge of what small businesses need, this by way of first-hand experience. He pledges to improve small businesses by creating programs that help owners connect with landlords for favorable rents, promote their businesses to tourists and residents to increase their footprint, and create more transparency with city resources for ease of compliance.

His platform, of course, covers a range of other areas and issues too. And his youth speaks for itself.

And it is that youth, Downs believes, that will be a good fit for a job that is, give or take, 350 years old. If nothing else he has time on his side. Now all he needs are voters to give him their time.