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Kennedy back, on the ground and on air

Joe Kennedy III


By Jim Smith

BOSTON --- Although many observers of Massachusetts politics had assumed that former representative Joseph P. Kennedy III would be keeping a low profile for a while longer after his Democratic primary loss last September to 74-year-old Senator Edward Markey, the 40-year-old grandson of Senator Robert F. Kennedy, and son of former U.S. Rep. Joseph Kennedy II, has been making news lately while announcing his plans to remain in politics and serve as a political commentator on national TV.

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Kennedy recently announced that he would be launching an initiative called the "Groundwork Project," a hybrid political action committee and non-profit organization aimed at a year-round expansion of the Democratic base in Massachusetts and beyond, similar to the voter mobilization effort in Georgia that gave Democrats control of the Senate in January.

And Kennedy also told supporters that he would be joining the CNN network as a part-time political commentator. In a January 26 Twitter message, he wrote: "Excited to join the CNN team. Tune in tonight at 5:30 to hear me talk with Wolf Blitzer about the path ahead on COVID relief."