EDITORIAL: All We Want....

As the song line goes, "all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth." If only it was something so simple on the eve of Christmas, 2021.

A new version of the song could easily replace teeth with Covid booster shots. And reports indicate that many are indeed lining up for boosters. Nothing like Christmas when it comes to concentrating the mind.

And of course boosters are a good idea, and certainly required as Covid-19 readies to impose on our lives into a third year, indeed fourth as the view now is that it was about its grim business even before 2019 had given way to 2020.

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Also imposing on our lives is the veritable industry of misinformation and the loud protestations of militant opponents of vaccination.

For whatever reasons it was always the case that many would decline or outright refuse to vaccinate themselves against Covid. 

What has surprised, indeed shocked, is the vehement messaging seemingly intended to divert the uncertain and the hesitant away from vaccinations.

The effect, all but certain, is that more people have died from Covid-19 than might have been the case had all and sundry acted sanely and sensibly.

Nevertheless, a sufficient number of people, at least in privileged countries, have been vaccinated and life, as a result, is able to proceed at a more normal level than a year ago.

But with Covid variants all about, not nearly normal enough. So all we want for Christmas is our boosters. And a little cheer to follow.