Aer Lingus Will Benefit from America's Air Travel Reopening on November 8

U.S. Will Open Up On November 8

The U.S. will reopen to fully vaccinated travelers from Monday, November 8.

The decision to reopen was announced last month and November was the stated month.

But it took until today to put a date on the reopening.

The precise date was announced by the White House. It will allow the entry of so called “non-essential” travelers from dozens of countries, including Ireland, which had faced Covid-related restrictions.

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Under current travel restrictions, only U.S. citizens, their immediate families, green card holders and those with national interest exemptions can travel into the U.S. if they have been in the designated restricted countries in the immediate two weeks before travel.

From November 8, inbound travelers entering the U.S. by air will have to provide a recent negative Covid-19 test and proof of vaccination before flying. It is expected that children will be exempt from vaccination requirements.

The updated travel announcement is good news for airlines, not least Aer Lingus.

When the November reopening was first announced last month the Irish airline welcomed the move.

“Aer Lingus is delighted to finally be re-uniting Ireland, Europe and the United States. Often referred to as the ‘51st State’ the connections between Ireland and the U.S. are rich and deep, and we can now can once again connect families, friends and businesses on both sides of the Atlantic," said Aer Lingus spokeswoman Susanne Carberry said at the time.

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