Rock & roll’s ‘Incoherents’ on VOD

Joe Hurley in "The Incoherents."

By Irish Echo Staff

Joe Hurley is now being live-streamed on Amazon Prime Video and indeed on several other video on demand (VOD) platforms. Known for his work — and Audie awards — on Keith Richards’s audio version of his “Life” and his annual St. Patrick’s Day celebrations of the Irish rock & roll songbook, the Rogue’s March front man appears in “The Incoherents,” a love letter to early 1990s rock n’ roll.

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Hurley plays Eddie Roth, the Incoherents’ loft-owning madman, “who revels in whisky-soaked jacuzzi bashes” — entirely against type, of course, though he can currently be heard as the voice of Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey's new TV campaign.

Directed by Jared Barel, “The Incoherents” sees four 40-somethings mired in an midlife malaise unite their '90s indie rock band. Annette O’Toole, Amy Carlson (“Blue Bloods”), Alex Emanuel, Chris Barron, Stew, Fiona Silver, Jack McKeever and Richard Barone also star.

A scene from "The Incoherents."

Academy Award nominee actor O'Toole told the Irish Echo, “I enjoyed working on ‘The Incoherents' with such a wonderful cast and crew, and I'm delighted with all of the wonderful feedback we've been receiving from viewers."

Hurley said: “'The Incoherents’ is beautifully written and acted. It’s a proper indie comedy that's poignant in all the right places. Superb cast. I’m very pleased for its success for, as the film's tagline says, ‘Cos rock & roll sometimes forgets.’"

‘Bittersweet Crimson’ is latest from Luka

Luka Bloom, an Irish singer songwriter well known in the U.S. for his time spent living in New York City releasing hits such as “The Acoustic Motorbike” and his cover of LL Cool J’s “I Need Love,” last week released an album of all new material entitled “Bittersweet Crimson.” It will be his first since 2017’s “Refuge.”

Luka Bloom.

“I’ve been quietly beavering away in North West Clare for two years,” Bloom said. “I wrote about 20 songs and narrowed it down to the 11, which will emerge on this record. The first line from the album, ‘Finally, summer’s upon us…,’ is, I hope, the perfect way to begin. I wrote it in the Summer of 2019, while reflecting on the simple beauty of life in Ireland, especially when the summer slowly unfolds. Crowds descend on beaches, and into sports grounds, consuming ice creams. Life moves outdoors. We love it, and it passes too soon. So let’s enjoy it all, and celebrate it, hoping it lingers.”

The 11 original songs on “Bittersweet Crimson” were written by Bloom and were produced by Bloom and Jon O’Connell. The album features Bloom on guitar and vocals, O’Connell on double bass, electric guitar, banjo and synths; Steve Cooney on guitar and bouzouki; Robbie Harris on percussion; Niamh Farrell on vocals and Adam Shapiro on fiddle. It was recorded at Windmill Lane Studios in Dublin.

Bloom, born Kevin Barry Moore, is the brother of one of Ireland’s most well-regarded folk singers, Christy Moore. He has released over 20 albums of poetry, folk and rock & roll over a lengthy career that has seen him tour the world many times over.