Malachy McAllister pens letter to Trump...from Ireland

Malachy McAllister


By Ray O'Hanlon

Malachy McAllister has not gone silently over the eastern horizon.

And while it's unlikely they will end up being pen pals, McAllister wouldn't object at all if President Trump sent him at least a postcard in response to a letter he has mailed the president's way.

McAllister, who was deported from the U.S. just a few weeks ago despite appeals from members of Congress from both parties directed at the president and the Department of Homeland Security, states his case in the letter, and also makes an appeal for continued support by the U.S. for the Good Friday Agreement.

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In his letter McAllister states in part: "My name is Malachy McAllister. I was deported from the U.S. by your administration on Wednesday 06/10/2020. I urge you to read this letter and commit to supporting the Good Friday Agreement and peace and justice in Ireland.

"Last November you ordered a two year stay of my deportation and requested your staff to resolve my case, but the Department of Homeland Security ignored your order and deported me six months later. You have let down Irish America and ignored the Good Friday Agreement by failing to stand behind your decision.

"My family and I like many Catholics and nationalists in Northern Ireland were treated like second class citizens and were the victims of terrorism under British rule. Loyalists acting with the British security forces tried to assassinate me. Yet I was the one labeled a 'terrorist' with no regard to the context of Irish history or the GFA. Harassment and persecution of Catholics and Irish Nationalist's by the Royal Ulster Constabulary (Northern Ireland Police disbanded in 2001) and British Army included a policy to criminalize our community and the Irish struggle.

"Many people implored you to act, but you ignored them. My supporters include bipartisan Congressional members, judges, religious leaders, military officers, and law enforcement officials.

Your own sister Federal Court Judge Maryanne Trump Berry in her 2006 Third Circuit opinion.

The Catholic Church, Archbishop Cardinal Timothy Dolan.

Former New York Homeland Security Chair Peter King and bipartisan Senators and Congressional Representatives.

The Irish Embassy and Irish Ambassador.

Patrick Lynch head of the New York City PBA

Members of the 69th Infantry Regiment.New York

The Ancient Order of Hibernians who represent 40,000 Irish Americans and the lawyers and judges of the New York Brehon Law Society

"Mr. President, despite this overwhelming support and my 24 years in this country as a law-abiding member of my community you decided to reverse your decision to resolve my case and deport me in a manner that defies reason. You listened to a few securocrats within your administration who have no understanding of Irish history and sided with the British - something President George Washington would not have succumbed to. In doing so, you have dealt a blow to the GFA, which set a path towards peace, justice and equality in Ireland.

"I should mention that my deportation was carried out while I have a broken collar bone, fractured rib, and sprained neck. DHS ignored all medical documentation and advise from doctors to wait until my injuries were healed and deported me via a private air ambulance at great taxpayer expense. The result was that my injuries were aggravated and I was hospitalized a day after my return.

"I am disappointed at how unceremoniously I was deported but I am not bitter. I am thankful for my time in the U.S. and the support and friendship I received from so many in Irish America and beyond.

"I am confident that a significant number of the over 37 million Americans who claim Irish ancestry will vote for the Presidential candidate who shows support for the Good Friday Agreement and peace and justice in Ireland. Mr. President, it is never too late to do what is right!"