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Suozzi backs earlier McAllister letter

Congressman Tom Suozzi

By Ray O'Hanlon

Congressman Tom Suozzi has penned his own letter to President Trump in support of Malachy McAllister.

The Long Island Democrat had earlier expressed his backing for a bipartisan letter to the president that had been sent Monday to the White House before he had a chance to sign it.

In his letter Suozzi states: "Dear Mr. President: I am writing to join my colleagues’ request for you to intervene in the case of Malachy McAllister. Mr. McAllister is scheduled to be deported tomorrow, June 9th.

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"His deportation was previously delayed until tomorrow due to the six-month extension you secured for Mr. McAllister in November of 2019. We appreciate your previous and ongoing efforts in this matter and request that you again urge the Department of Homeland Security to exercise its discretion to suspend Mr. McAllister’s deportation order.

"Mr. McAllister fled Northern Ireland during the Troubles and sought political asylum in the United States based on past persecution and fears that his life would be in danger if he returned home. In the nearly 40 years since Mr. McAllister fled, he has laid deep roots and become a valued and upstanding member of the community.

"Mr. McAllister has built a life here, starting a family, and contributing to the fabric of our communities in the United States. He has been a vocal proponent of the Irish peace process. He helped urge the Irish-American community to support the Good Friday Agreement and subsequent policies of the United States that seek to maintain the peace. In addition to supporting the peace process, Mr. McAllister has also expressed regret and remorse for his actions.

"As a valued member of our society, with significant familial ties in the community, and his sincere contrition for previous actions, I urge you to consider the impact his deportation would have on the community. The American judicial system has directly weighed in on Mr. McAllister’s case and supported the Executive branch’s ability to exercise discretion in favor of Mr. McAllister.

"In a 2006 concurring opinion, Judge Marion Trump-Barry, 'implore[d] - the Attorney General to exercise his discretion and permit this deserving family to stay.'

"Yesterday, a bipartisan group of my colleagues wrote to you regarding Mr. McAllister’s case and expressed their support based 'on the basis of our personal knowledge of Mr. McAllister who has proven himself to be absolutely no threat to this country and a valuable contributor to American society.' I echo their support and thank you for your consideration on this urgent matter."

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