Pascrell Condemns McAllister Deportation

Congressman Bill Pascrell Jr.


By Ray O'Hanlon

Congressman Bill Pascrell, Jr. (D-NJ) has joined the bipartisan chorus of condemnation following the deportation from the U.S. of Malachy McAllister.

McAllister's New Jersey home was in the congressman's district, the ninth.

“For over 20 years, Malachy McAllister has been a valuable part of our North Jersey community, said Rep. Pascrell.

"His roots are in New Jersey. America is where he belongs. His deportation at Trump’s hand is a heartless decision and separates a man with medical issues from his family for no good reason that puts him and his family at risk.

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"For years, my office has fought for a resolution to Mr. McAllister’s case. This is not the end. I will not give up trying to get Mr. McAllister back to the United States so he can remain here with his family permanently.”

In his commitment to seeing McAllister being allowed return to the U.S. Rep. Pascrell echoed the assertion to that same delivered by Congressman Eliot Engel who chairs to House Committee on Foreign Affairs.