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Letter to the Editor

Engel's Unwavering Support


While not personally living in Rep. Eliot Engel's Bronx-Westchester 16th Congressional District I believe it important to remind my brother and sister Irish-American voters in the district of the unwavering support, and commitment, Congressman Engel has made and given to the Irish in the district, the State of New York, New Jersey and elsewhere over the past three decades. Up to and including his staunch support of Malachy McAllister's long fight against deportation. I was, and am, surprised and disappointed to see the Bronx State Senator, Alessandra Biaggi, granddaughter of the late Congressman from the Bronx, Mario Biaggi, has taken back her endorsement, of a year ago, for Congressman Engel. Although being of Italian and Jewish ancestry Congressman Biaggi and Congressman Engel worked together tirelessly for years in support of the Irish, and Ireland, as members of the hundred plus Ad Hoc Congressional Committee for Irish Affairs. In fact, Congressman Biaggi was the first chairperson of the Committee. Could this change of heart have anything to do with Bronx-Queens Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez' endorsement of the first term State Senator? Having known Congressman Biaggi quite well I hope not.

Robert J. (Bob) Bateman

Ossining, NY

* This letter is being published online in advance of Tuesday's Democratic primaries as the next issue will come out a day after those primaries, in the 16th District and others. ED.