Hibernians laud Irish UN win

The United Nations Security Council chamber

By Irish Echo Staff


The Ancient Order of Hibernians has congratulated Ireland on its election to the United Nations Security Council.

In a letter to Irish Ambassador to the United Staes, Daniel Mulhall, AOH National President James McKay wrote: "As Ireland's exiled children in America, we take special pride in being able to congratulate the Republic of Ireland in securing a position on the UN Security Council.

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"For a nation that has yet to achieve its 100th birthday, for Ireland to now join the Security Council for the fourth time is truly an extraordinary accomplishment. It is a fitting recognition to the sacrifice of Ireland's young men and women who have served as peacekeepers in some of the world's most troubled areas. It is a testament to the energy and drive of the Irish people.

"As noted by former Ireland Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald, 'Ireland has never invaded any other land, never sought to enslave or occupy.' Ireland brings a unique perspective to the critical deliberations of the Security Council that is sorely needed in a troubled world seeking lasting peace.

"In this year 2020, we mark the sad 175th anniversary of the nadir of Irish history, the start of the Great Hunger, a time when Ireland was degraded and abandoned; a time when she lost a quarter of her population to starvation and immigration. For Ireland in this commemorative year to take a place of leadership amongst the nations of the world is as appropriate as it is remarkable.

"May God continue to bless Ireland as she confidently strives forward, reaching new heights."

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