Covid-19 death toll in Republic passes 1,000

Dr. Tony Holohan at a press briefing Friday. photo.

By Irish Echo Staff

On the day that the death toll in the United States passed 50,000 the number of dead from Covid-19 in the Republic of Ireland passed the thousand mark.

That's a higher death toll in the Republic in proportional population terms than in the U.S.

According to an RTE report, the Department of Health has been notified of a further 37 deaths of people who had been diagnosed with Covid-19.

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The number of additional cases of the virus diagnosed is 577, bringing the total number of cases here (the Republic) to 18,184.

The total death toll here is now 1,014, including 185 probable deaths, after two deaths that had previously been reported are no longer classified as related to Covid-19.

"The Health Protection Surveillance Centre says a probable death is a death where a lab test has not been done but where a doctor believes a death is associated with current Covid-19. The figure of 1,014 deaths reflects this," RTE reported.

Meanwhile, Ireland's Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Tony Holohan, revealed that a new protools for Covid-19 testing will be introduced early next week.

Dr. Holohan, at his daily press briefing, was asked about President Donald Trump suggesting - at a White House press briefing Thursday - that an injection of disinfectant may be a possible coronavirus remedy.

Dr. Holohan said this was not something to be recommended.

It was "unsafe and dangerous. He (Trump) is not a doctor," Dr. Holohan responded.

Meanwhile, the number of recorded deaths from Covid-19 in Northern Ireland had reached 294 by Saturday, April 25.