009 gardai check point

Border counties hard hit by Covid-19

Gardai questioning motorists at a checkpoint. RollingNews.ie photo.

By Irish Echo Staff

Border counties in the Republic are being especially hard hit by Covid-19.

And some residents are complaining that people in from Northern Ireland are raising the infection risk. While residents of the Republic are being generally restricted to travel no farther than two kilometers from their homes, there is no matching restriction in the North where more fluid travel guidelines are in place with no precise distance restriction.

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The Stormont Executive has stated that those traveling in the North need simply have a reasonable excuse for doing so. And those from the North who cross the border are not covered by the Republic's restrictions, this due to a loophole in the regulations there.

Also, the testing level for Covid-19 in the Republic is higher than in the North.

As of April 25, figures show that there have been 626 Covid-19 cases in Cavan and 373 in Monaghan, this according to an RTE report.

County Cavan has the highest incidence rate of the coronavirus in the country per 100,000 of the population, followed by Dublin and Monaghan.