Mulvaney Predicts A Peaceful Transition

Special Envoy Mick Mulvaney


By Irish Echo Staff

The U.S. Special Envoy to the Northern Ireland peace process, Mick Mulvaney, has stated that President Trump will “absolutely” help facilitate a peaceful transition of power if Joe Biden is ultimately declared the winner of the 2020 election.

At time of writing, that outcome seems only a matter of time.

“I recommend that he accept a peaceful transition of power, which I think he would do absolutely anyway,” Mulvaney said in an interview on CNBC and as reported by the website Politico.

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“Look, the president is a fighter, there’s no question about it, and you’ll see him fighting down to the very last. But “at the end of that process, [if] Joe Biden’s the president, you can absolutely guarantee a peaceful transition of power,” Mulvaney said.

Mulvaney actually first delivered his views on the post-election situation while participating in a webinar hosted by the Dublin-based think tank, the Institute for International and European Affairs.