Ireland as a legal base post Brexit

John Bruton. photo

By Irish Echo Staff

After Brexit, Ireland will be the only English-speaking common-law jurisdiction in the European Union. The refrain has oft been repeated over the last couple of years.

Then taoiseach, Enda Kenny, was likely the first Irish political leader to utter it before a New York audience, a few years ago during a reception at the Irish Consulate in Manhattan.

Now, with total Brexit only weeks away, the New York State Bar Association and the Irish government-sponsored group, "Ireland for Law," will be co-hosting a webinar Thursday, November 19 that makes the point once again and with the added view that Ireland's new standout position will make it "the ideal legal base for U.S. business with interests in the European Union."

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Stated release: Members of the legal and business community in the U.S. are being invited to join a webinar co-hosted by the New York State Bar Association’s International Section and "Ireland for Law" – an initiative of the Government of Ireland - on the subject, and which will feature contributions from a range of speakers including the former taoiseach John Bruton, the Chief Justice of Ireland, the Hon. Frank Clarke, and a number of leading Irish lawyers including a former chair of The Bar of Ireland, Paul McGarry SC, and members of the Law Society of Ireland and the Bar of Ireland.

The webinar will take place 9 a.m. t 11 a.m. Eastern and will cover a range of topics including corporate restructuring and insolvency in the EU, intellectual property/data protection, and European derivatives contracts.

Added the release: "Ireland is home to a highly developed legal services sector and is already a jurisdiction of choice for contracts and international dispute resolution. Ireland is a global tech hub, and a world leader in funds, insurance, financial services, aviation, pharma and life sciences.

Patrick Leonard SC, representing Ireland for Law, is encouraging lawyers and general counsel in the U.S. to register for the free event, to learn why American business should use Irish legal services, and Irish courts, for corporate restructuring, intellectual property/data protection and derivatives, stated the release.

“We want our legal colleagues in the U.S. to consider us their gateway to Europe. Many already do, but with the UK final exit from the European Union’s legal system in just over a month’s time, we are conscious that this will leave many looking for a new base. We are hosting this webinar to highlight the advantages of making Ireland that base.

"Ireland and the U.S. share a long and deep history and Brexit presents an opportunity for us to deepen that connection through our legal and business communities,” Leonard said.

“U.S. corporations doing business in the EU need to understand better the impact of Brexit on their legal resource and venue options,” said Edward K. Lenci, a partner at Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP in New York City and Chair-Elect of the New York Bar Association International Section.

“This program, led by Mr. Bruton, Justice Clarke, and leading Irish lawyers, is designed for general counsel and other practitioners and will provide an overview of the Irish legal system and the resources Ireland offers to U.S. companies.”