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Flawed characters at the crossroads

Daniel T. Brown loves to hear the question “Are these true stories?”

By Irish Echo Staff

“There’s drama, comedy, and all of the colors in between.”

So said the Irish-American writer and director Daniel T. Brown about his debut collection, “The Sometimes Why: Short Stories, Monologues and Words to That Effect.”

“The book features characters who are at various stages in their lives, and have reached some form of a crossroads,” the Rockaway Beach, N.Y., native said. “Self discovery and experiences of moments of clarity that cause these characters to question who they really are is a theme throughout the book.

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“These characters are flawed, and not always 100 percent certain about the life path they’ve chosen. I’ve been there myself, and I hope that readers who are familiar with these same doubts will relate to the book.

“The book is heavy,” Brown continued, “but it’s fun, too, there’s comedy, and some of the material is a little out there.

“Some of the greatest compliments I’ve received on the work are from people who have asked me if these are true stories. I’ve worked hard to make the writing read like the characters and stories are real, but it’s all fictional,” he said

“However, there are some nuggets of my real-life experiences thrown in. For instance, the experience with the young boy questioning the circumstances of Elvis’s death on a Graceland tour is something I actually witnessed,” Brown said.

“And the child having the wafer stuck to the roof of her mouth at her first communion is based on my first communion experience. But I swear that I never stole the watch off of a deceased body at a wake. That’s completely made up,” he added with a laugh.

“‘The Sometimes Why’ also raises the question as to what role the truth should play in our everyday lives,” Brown said. “Where is the line between setting facts aside for convenience, and being dishonest? Living in a fantasy isn’t healthy. But, sometimes there are some circumstances where ignoring, or overlooking some unattractive facts about someone makes it easier to love them, or remember them in a positive way when they’re gone.”

Brown said of his characters: “No heroes. No villains. Just ordinary people in an extraordinary world.”

“The Sometimes Why” is available at many major outlets including amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com, and Xlibris.com.