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Trump will solidify an Atlantic Union

President Trump


By Christopher Hyland

President Trump, during a second term, will play a decisive role in the nascent formation of what this writer thinks of as The Atlantic Union, or The Atlantic States, which, at it’s core, comprises a far reaching, new North Atlantic trade agreement, one that will ultimately and positively impact Ireland, Great Britain and the United States of America - this as over time they coalesce in its formation.

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Trump will foster American domestic security to assure the strength of American leadership in realizing this union. For the visionary aspects and benefits of this effort, negotiations for which are already under way, and for numerous other reasons, President Trump deserves support and recognition.

Such an agreement is conducive to, over time, encouraging ever more historic commonality between these jurisdictions - a commonality driven by strong mutual interests, and eventually, possibly, including citizenship and other areas of common interest. The Atlantic Union could, in future, foster creation of governing bodies equating to a form of political unity. Ireland could be an important and pivotal part of the Atlantic Union, of which America would be a corner stone.

Irish America, regardless of political leanings, seeks to grow ever stronger bonds between America and Ireland. Irish Americans seek to grow the American economy again, which President Trump has proven he can do.

All Americans seek a return to public stability and safety, all the while acknowledging the veracity of complaints that core rights have been, with painful consequences, historically, and still today, unlawfully denied to others - this unhappy state thrusting our beloved country into justified protest and intermittent turmoil.

Yet, now, we all recognize the hand of egregious ill intent in aspects of these demonstrations, a hand that seeks to animate destructive events that attempts to undo confidence in the ideals that bond us and allow us to move forward in time and in the pursuit of an ever better adherence to our ideals.

Originally set down by our founders, and continually enhanced by other subsequent diverse historic figures (however imperfect some of these personalities were) these ideals, over the decades, have served as the base and guide lights for our ever more fully-realized freedom, one which necessitates that absolutely no one is excluded.

That progress must not be hindered by ill intended forces. Our best American ideals must lead us on in time, not ideologies and economic structures akin to those that continue to enslave hundreds of millions under Communist dictatorship.

President Trump stands for ideals familiar to Americans and that would resonate with our immigrant, slave, indentured, stowaway, native and other ancestors who, whatever their circumstances, sought to he free to embrace perseverance, steadfastness, hard work, entrepreneurship, invention, civic duty, family and friendship bonds, generosity, justice for all, democracy and, in good measure, patriotism.

President Trump fosters prosperity for all, leaving no one behind, employing record numbers of Americans in all communities pre-Covid, challenging those who advocate globalism as justification for shuttering American business, and, in so doing, compromising our national security and condemning millions of Americans to what they think of as a tolerable, permanent underclass. Voices risen in protest are marginalized.

Not President Trump. He eschews points of view that foster a prosperous and stable environment contributing to allowing these ideals, as well as others, to flourish. He deserves recognition for these efforts.

President Trump would be an ideal Grand Marshal of the 2021 New York Saint Patrick’s Day Parade and recipient of an award bearing the name of St. Patrick. He deserves and has earned a second term as president. He has marshaled us all through the most difficult of times, having before them served to bring us all prosperity, daring to challenge the decades-long dismantling of the American economy, an effort for which he was severely attacked.

These honors would acknowledge his broad and successful engagement in leadership efforts enhancing societal well being, ones that transcends political parties, that benefits all Americans including Irish America, in, among numerous other areas: fostering freedom, rekindling and expanding the scope our economy, building jobs for members of all communities in all sectors of the economy at record levels after decades of ruinous trade policies injurious to working Americans at all levels of employment; supporting our military, much needed raises included; assisting traditionally African American colleges; reforming egregious, draconian, cruel and unusual prison sentencing; increasing child care; improving NYC public housing; expanding and sustaining energy self sufficiency; insisting upon more balanced China, Korean and NAFTA trade deals; supporting school choice; challenging the relentless flow of drugs from China and elsewhere; combatting Isis; promoting women's role in every aspect of society; establishing a space force; encouraging policy changes in countries that persecute individuals due to life style; defending city and suburban housing against forced demolition of single family housing; encouraging legal entry into America and countless other issues.

He is a proponent of reason, in marked contrast to the irrational lack of leadership from other political quarters where, sadly, support for destruction appears to be a central vehicle employed in trying to propel themselves into power. If attained, would these actions continue?

Trump has embraced conviction, not avoided it. He has shown extraordinary leadership. He challenges us to envision a great America of diverse citizens realizing their full potential in an economy that has the potential to add even more jobs than were created before the pandemic. He sustains the American dream that countless of our ancestors courageously crossed the Atlantic to be became part of one ever growing, and improving, economy - clearly not one that includes an oppressive, extreme left wing agenda.

President Trump fights for average Americans, for their livelihoods, for a robust future defined by a self sufficient economy, not one habitually exporting jobs and diminishing our faculties of science, all part of an insidious war against America and the western democracies. Until Covid, the American economy was booming and it will boom again. Trump fights for personal freedom and economic freedom.

America is at a seminal point. During the last months, triggered by the sad and unconscionable death of Mr. George Floyd, our blessed country has been in turmoil. Sincere protest has given way to lawless destruction stalking our cities, more so each day.

A body of political leaders have shamelessly declined to support reasonable public order, leading to speculation that those causing unrest are allied with them. During the first of our two major national political conventions not a word of concern was spoken, not a lamentation made for the lives compromised, threatened or lost, or for the small businesses, mostly owned by immigrant and first generation Americans, destroyed. Clearly, these politicians have no concern, seeing these actions as being beneficial.

The radical left wants a non-functioning American society so that a sad era of leftist extremism may suppress our democracy and so that they may attain power in the confusion. They adhere to a distant vision of Communism, one

that would benefit more pragmatic, but equally dangerous, present day Communists to the extent that, if implemented, such a vision would destroy American economic vitality, and therefore our strength.

These are the interests that many now purposely silent American politicians play to. Others are fearful of repercussions if they speak out against the party line. Frightening.

Additionally, and ironically, having witnessed this group closely, I recall vividly the raw racism and distain for average people which many of them employ. They are purely, to a large part, self-centered, incapable of compromise, many of them representing players on the international stage. Follow the money, follow the countries with the worst balance of payments with the U.S.A. and you have part of the answer as to why, and how, and in whose interests, matters are now unfolding. Challenging this counter productive force to American interests requires bravery.

First line responders, for whom we must all be eternally grateful, have contributed greatly to saving our country in this now months-long pandemic. On another front, the international economic war and responsibility front, President Trump is a first line responder defending America against disastrous trade deals, allies failing to fair share fund NATO, and against attacks originating from abroad on our constitutional freedoms, equality and lives.

Why would anyone want to rip down our country so that it may be replaced by systems in other lands that are bankrupt? Why would some U.S. senators so much contribute to American instability only to benefit themselves and the Communist Chinese? Follow the money and you will be shocked at the connections that you will find. Sinister forces animate this move away from hope, from family, from acceptance of balanced diverse views, from basic American values.

Many of the adverse events that have occurred in American over the last three and a half years may or may not be chance, but many of them appear to be orchestrated by groups and or individuals whose interests include the destruction not only of President Trump, but of America.

President Trump has stayed the course, even under acute, irrational propaganda directed against him and against our beloved country.

John Kennedy was not viciously attacked for strongly opposing the 1957 Civil Rights Bill, nor was Bill Clinton, or Joe Biden viciously attacked for animating legislation that led to cruel and abusive incarceration of African Americans.

Trump is attacked, pre-Covid, for providing jobs at record levels among all communities because his opponents promote globalism to the financial benefit of a few, and he is ignored when he frees men and women from cruel and unusual judicial punishment inflicted and sustained by previous presidents.

He is resisting the destruction of civic society in the face of extreme nihilists and Communists encouraged by leaders whose voices should be espousing reason. Even under extreme adversity, Trump delivered for the American people, regardless of party, on scores of life improving issues.

His efforts improving a thousand situations conducive to the common good results in countless stories being spun into a single thread woven into a cloak called freedom. Recently, those of us who watched the convention, learned of many of them.

A million Irish ancestors, seeking to align concerns of heaven to an equitable earthly governance and the prospect of prosperity in America, did not suffer the pains of immigration and struggle in a new land to have their descendants witness America terrorized by a handful of purpose-organized anarchists, supported by a national political party that has lost its way, and whose actions are seriously compromising future prospects of generations yet to come in our grace filled, ever moving towards realizing liberty and justice for all, exceptional United States of America. Now, more than ever, we emphasize united, as in all citizens, of all backgrounds, united in justice for all.

In order to assist President Trump in doing what is best for America, Ireland, and Great Britain, inclusive of Northern Ireland, for the benefit of all parties, and to contribute to his legacy, here is what needs to be done soon.

First, it is time to form a strong Irish Americans for Donald Trump committee. I founded an Irish Americans Committee for Bill Clinton Committee during his first presidential campaign.

Now, near a generation ago, I urged that committee to press the then candidate to agree to a visa for Gerry Adams, to a Peace Envoy for Northern Ireland and on other issues, all during the campaign and agreed to by Clinton, thereby setting the groundwork for peace in Northern Ireland.

Today, President Trump should be repeatedly questioned by members of an Irish Americans for Trump Committee to agree to maintaining the Special Envoy to Ireland and Great Britain, and that envoy given the mandate to work on forming a closer economic union between these jurisdictions, while also exploring the feasibility of other possible co-operation, and/or substantially strengthening those that already exist, the economic aspect of which may be called "The Atlantic Union of States."

Christopher Hyland is a former Clinton Deputy National Political Director, a founder of Irish Americans for Bill Clinton, chairman of the first Clinton Irish Conference and recipient of a Saint Patrick for Peace in Ireland award.