Sexton returns for premiere

Aidan Gillen and Laoisa Sexton in "“I Didn't... I Wasn't... I Amn't."

Laoisa Sexton, who was for some years based in New York, is returning from Ireland for the U.S. premiere of her directorial film debut “I Didn't... I Wasn't... I Amn't” at the Golden Door Film Festival as part of the Red Carpet Shorts at the historic Loew's Theatre, 54 Journal Sq., Jersey City, on this Saturday, Sept. 21.

Billed as an “unromantic comedy” that is based on one of the storylines of her play “For Love,” which was performed on the Irish Rep stage, it stars Aidan Gillen, of “Game of Thrones” and “Peaky Blinders” fame, and veteran Irish actress Nieli Conroy.

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The writer/director Sexton won Best Actress for her role in the film at the Wexford Film Festival and “I Didn't... I Wasn't... I Amn't” itself was nominated for the ZeBBie Award for Best Short Film from the Writer's Guild of Ireland.