A new Irish Arts Center in LA

Jenn McGuirk, who is from County Wicklow, outside the complex that will be home to the new Irish Arts Center in Los Angeles.


By Jenn McGuirk

Los Angeles is about to witness the arrival of CIACLA - the Contemporary Irish Arts Centre LA.

CIACLA will promote contemporary Irish Culture and support local diverse communities through a multidisciplinary program headed up by the creative genius of Matthew Nevin and Ciara Scanlon of MART in Dublin.

CIACLA is a registered non-profit 501(c)(3) charity and all funds raised are placed back into the program, operations and ethos of the organization. So the focus is on community of celebration of art.

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CIACLA, which will be formally launched on Saturday, June 15, will deliver a spice rack of Irish Contemporary Arts to LA in collaboration with local and international cultural partnerships.

My job as events manager is to oversee the ebb and flow of talent through the gallery doors.

As we plan towards opening the permanent center in 2020, CIACLA's summer program provides a taster of what’s to come.

Saturday’s launch will feature internationally renowned Irish performance artist, Amanda Coogan.

She will create an immersive site specific installation and series of performances. This is a free event and marks the start of a flow of talent to fill the floors of our gallery space at Bergamot Street in Santa Monica.

Following that events and artists will include: Lords Of Strut (RIOT) In House Theatre, Poetry evenings, Luke Murphy (Carnivore) Catherine Nolan, Maser, free children’s art workshops, Sessions, Comedy and so much more for the details visit CIACLA.com/events.

More at www.CIACLA.COM.