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Irish sisters will star at NY Toy Fair

Elena and Clara will appear Saturday at the American Girl Store in Manhattan's Rockefeller Center


By Irish Echo Staff

Irish sisters Elena and Clara are special guests at the New York Toy Fair this weekend following their tremendous success as “kids Influencers” on Youtube.

Their kids Toy channel CupcakeSurpriseToys, which features Elena and Clara producing fun kids’ videos featuring the latest toys, slime making, and many fun challenges, has amassed over 630,000 subscribers and 280 million views in just three years.

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Their mom Emily, who manages their channel and curates all content, said the channel combines two natural talents the girls share: they both loved performing in school plays and were brilliant at creative storytelling when playing with their own toys.

“So my husband suggested we should start a Youtube channel. We had no idea how it would unfold or whether we would be successful. Youtube requires tremendous determination, patience and perseverance and a significant investment to produce high quality videos,” said Emily.

“As well as curating all the content myself, Parents and Brands know that our channel is a safe and trusted place to engage with kids as our content is certified through the SAFEFAM Certification process”

A great many of these channels start up these times but don’t succeed.

This wasn’t the case with Elena and Clara. They achieved one hundred subscribers within their first sixteen months and received the coveted Silver Play Button award from Youtube’s CEO.

They continued amassing subscribers eventually topping 600,000.

According to Emily, they have focused on continually refining their unique approach to creative storytelling and producing fun engaging videos that kids love watching.

“Clara’s birthday video has amassed over 24 million views. Their Theme Park video has over 17 million views while their Christmas morning video has over nine million views. The girls have over twenty two thousand followers on PopJam the kid-safe social app,” said Emily.

As a result of all this many of the biggest brands in the toy industry are now working with Elena and Clara to produce video content for their toys and brands.

The girls have produced hugely successful videos for Mattel, Moose Toys, Hasbro, Crayola, LEGO, Character Options, and many other companies.

And they have several exciting opportunities in the pipeline. They are one of only ten kid Youtubers who have been honored to be part of the “Moose Mates” Influencer partner program.

Given YouTube has generated such a phenomenal viewership around the globe, forecasted to reach 1.86 billion online platform viewers by 2021, the girls channel is expected to go from strength to strength with the girls aiming to reach one million subscribers in 2019.

Elena and Clara are in New York for the New York Toy Fair which runs this weekend and into next week, Saturday February 16 to Wednesday, February 20.

They are holding a meet and greet at the American Girl Store in Rockefeller Center on Saturday, February 16 between 2 and 4 p.m.

CupcakeSurprsieToyTV can be contacted for commercial collaboration at

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